I was a member of a police force to stop someone from stealing sensitive files. On the way, a man with interesting blue-green eyes and a mischievous expression asked for my name. I gave it to him, and took several pictures for the investigation. The rest of the team came up empty.

After we returned to base, our leader saw my images and discovered that I had been talking to our guy the whole time. Some other team members left and found his disembodied head not far from where we just were. They brought it back to the morgue. I had a dreadful feeling that he was still alive. The head disintegrated and rotted in only a couple hours.

I went home that night. On the way, there was a terrible storm. I had to grip hard onto our new outdoor decorations, but the wind was so strong that it broke them. The wind died down, and I went in to feed my family. We had a salad sourced from the garden. I thought I had thoroughly cleaned the kale leaves, but someone found a little green worm. I picked it off, and brought it downstairs to feed it to my fish. However, the worm began to bite me and draw blood. I turned it over and looked at its head, discovering that it had grown sharp teeth like razor blades. I took it to the cutting board and removed its head, feeding only the body to my fish for fear of the creature fighting back against my finned friends.

When I got back to the kitchen, it turns out that the worm grew a new body. I then knew that the head of the hacker was just an illusion; he really is still running about, causing destruction as a demon.

After a few minutes, I went down to see my fish and discovered that some new tetras had spawned. Little blue-green ones. I scooped up a few and brought them to the table in a vase.

At dinner, I had a terrible feeling and started smashing everything without any regard for my safety or that of others. They were all possessed, after all. Soon others took part, and I smashed a pitcher of milk over Grandma's head. She gave me an angry look, and the destruction disappeared. We sat down to eat, Grandma eyeing me the whole time. When it was time for dessert, she did not let me have the cornbread I had slaved over, "because I had turned evil". Then she said she was gonna put one of the glowing fish into my glass and force me to drink it. I knew the fish were a source of the evil that just occured, and screamed No! over and over again, to no avail. I drank the fish, and woke up with a yell.