I was in a rental property in Rolla, when the alarms went off that there was an imminent fire. I rushed out, and discovered that my parents had bought the property for me, (at $15k) thus making me liable for any costs of the fire. I ran to the insurance office in hopes of taking out a fire policy, but they were busy at the moment. I found Trumpet Adam sitting at a round table in the lobby, working on physics homework. I sat with him for a few minutes before I was called in. They consented to giving me the policy, effective immediately.

I returned to the house and found my parents running an experiment with UV and IR light. They were trying to understand the absorbance of these frequencies in different human irises. They found that brown eyes reflected IR light, causing them to appear red. Hazel and green eyes were visible in the UV range, and blue and grey eyes did not reflect light in any range besides visible.

The landscape began to change to that of a pixelated medieval/fantasy video game. More testing occurred, and it was found that my hazel eyes could detect IR and UV light changes in pixels.

I found myself in a cathedral-like church, converted into a museum. Instead of being about religion, it seemed as if the icons were converted blasphemously into white supremacist imagery, touting the superiority of blue eyes, and the rise of the Swedes. Disgusted, I went back to my house. It was on fire.