I was in my backyard with Adam and Grandpa Wieber. It was finally starting to get warm, and there was a spring running along the south side of the yard. In the spring were little fish, and aquatic bumblebees. We went for a swim, and a giant water bumblebee clung to my leg. I let it go, remembering the bees I saw while orienteering the previous day. After that, Adam and I had to go to class. 

The class was some kind of fluid dynamics class, and we were discussing magma and airplanes. A trip to Afghanistan came up for some reason, but we decided it was too expensive. Adam and I figured a trip to Switzerland in a propeller airplane would be less expensive, and we invited Will to come with to reduce the cost. The professor overheard, and commented that that would be a very risky trip in the type of plane we decided on.